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Featured Authors

William Butler Yeats, Irish poet, June 13, 1865 - Jan. 28 1939

Extensive biography of Yeats from 1938 "Atlantic Monthly;" and another bio from Nobelprize.org. Yeats' poetry, info on the summer school, and a map of Sligo is available from the Yeats Society in Sligo, Ireland.

The text of all of Yeats' poems is available through the California State University.

Yeats has a page -- with bio, poems, and links -- on The Academy of American Poets' website as well as at Poetry Foundation.

The Yeats' Experience allows tourists to visit places of note in Yeats' life.

Pearl S. Buck, writer and humanitarian, June 26, 1892 - March 1973

'One of the most renowned, interesting, and controversial figures ever to influence American and Chinese cultural and literary history.' The Pearl Buck page at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, contains a biography, bibliography, photos, and excerpts from Buck's works; Pearl S. Buck International, a child assistance/sponsorship and adoption agency; and the Nobelprize.org page has a biography, her banquet speech and Nobel lecture, and other links.

Dorothy L. Sayers, mystery novelist and Christian writer, June 13, 1893 - Dec. 17, 1957

Biography and links from the Dorothy L. Sayers Society and a list of Sayers' works.

Athol Fugard, South African anti-apartheid playwright, June 11, 1932 -

Fugard was born in Cape Province, South Africa. He worked as a crew member on a steamer ship and as a journalist before co-founding a theatre in South Africa. In 1961, he was recognised for his play The Blood Knot, and he has since written many more plays, which often address apartheid and other political issues, as well as novels and teleplays. Plays include Boesman and Lena (1969), The Island (1972), Sizwe Banzi is Dead (1972), A Lesson from Aloes (1978), Master Harold...And the Boys (1982), The Road to Mecca (1984), A Place with the Pigs (1987), My Children! My Africa! (1989), Playland (1992), Valley Song (1995), and The Captain's Tiger (1999).

On-line information: biography of Fugard; summary of Fugard's play, The Road to Mecca; notes on Fugard' play 'Master Harold' ... and the Boys.

Nikki Giovanni, American poet & civil rights promoter, June 7, 1943 -

Nikki Giovanni's page at Virginia Tech Univ.; her official home page, with bio, poetry, essays and interviews, children's poetry, records and CDs, awards, degrees, etc.; Giovanni's page on The Academy of American Poets' site; her page at Voices from the Gaps, with bio, biblio, criticism and links; text of Giovanni's poems Nikki-Rosa, Ego-Trippin, and Choices.

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