Death at the Theater: Mysteries with Drama

Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and crime novels involving plays, playwriting, acting, actors and actresses, opera, theatrical drama, and other elements relating to the theater. This list was originally compiled by Ruth Griener, former librarian living in Pennsylvania, with additions by me.

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Adamson, Lydia (aka Frank King)
Allingham, Margery
Babson, Marian
Barnard, Robert
Barnes, Linda
Baxt, George
Benjamin, Edna
Boucher, Anthony (aka William Anthony Parker White)
Brennan, Carol
Brett, Simon
Brown, Molly
Brown, Lizbie
Bryant, Matt
Butler, Gwendoline
Carl, Lillian Stewart
Carlson, P. M.
Carr, John Dickson
Christie, Agatha
Michael Craft
Daly, Elizabeth
Dentinger, Jane
Farrell, Gillian
Findley, Timothy
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, Lucille
Ford, Leslie
Fraser, Antonia
Freydont, Shelley
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson
Fuller, Dean
George, Elizabeth
Gooden, Philip
Gorman, Edward
Goulart, Ron
Graham, Caroline
Granger, Ann
Gray, Dulcie (aka Dulcie Winifred Catherine Denison)
Hall, Parnell
Hall, Robert Lee
Hardwick, Mollie
Hart, Carolyn
Hawke, Simon
Henderson, Lauren
Hill, Reginald
Hunter, Fred
Innes, Michael
Jahn, Michael
James, P. D.
Jance, J. A.
Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Kaye, Marvin
Keating, H.R.F. [Henry Reymond Fitzwalter]
Kellerman, Faye
Klinger, Henry
Langton, Jane
Lessner, Joanne
Linscott, Gillian
Littlepage, Lane
Lockridge, Frances & Richard
Long, Amelia Reynolds
Lovesey, Peter
MacLeod, Charlotte
McCloy, Helen
Malmont, Valerie
Marsh, Ngaio
Marston, Edward (aka Keith Miles)
Matteson, Stefanie
Meyer, Nicholas
Meyers, Annette
Mitchell, Gladys
Morice, Anne
O'Brien, Charles
O'Donnell, Lillian
Parker, Robert
Paul, Barbara
Payne, Laurence
Pike, Christopher
Queen, Ellery
Quentin, Patrick (pseud.)
Rankin, Ian
Rendell, Ruth
Resnicow, Herbert
Robinson, Patricia
Robinson, Peter
Saulnier, Beth
Simmons, John
Smith, Sarah
Stacey, Susannah (pseud. for Jill Staynes and Margaret Storey)
Stark, Richard (pseud. Donald E. Westlake)
Stewart, Mary
Storey, Alice (pseud. Sarah Shankman)
Suyker, Betty
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
Tey, Josephine
Unsworth, Barry
Wald, Noreen
Warren, James (aka Robert Brendon)
White, Ellen Emerson
Wilcox, Colin
Wilhelm, Kate
Woods, Sara
Yeager, Dorian
Yaffe, James
Yorke, Margaret (pseud. Margaret Beda Larminie Nicholson)
Zilinsky, Ursula