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Featured Authors

H[oward] P[hillips] Lovecraft, U.S. Gothic (or supernatural) novelist, Aug. 20, 1890 - Mar. 15, 1937

HP Lovecraft was born in Providence, RI, and is known primarily as a writer of weird fantasy and horror fiction and a prodigious correspondent. The HP Lovecraft Archive has info on Lovecraft's life, writings, creations (fictional elements including Lovecraftian locations in New England, a bestiary, and a list of grimoires), study (biographies, literary criticism, bibliographies, periodicals, and online articles), Lovecraft in popular culture (movies, games, music, and art based on Lovecraft's works), and links to related sites. The Scriptorium's biography of Lovecraft, written by S.T. Joshi, is extensive. The complete texts of all Lovecraft's works are online.

Dorothy Parker, American short story writer/poet/critic and wit, Aug. 22, 1893 - 1967

Known for her biting turn of phrase, Parker left behind lots of quotes, some of which are available at the Working Humor website. The Dorothy Parker Society of New York provides photographs of homes and apartments where Parker and the Algonquin Round Table folks spent their leisure, offers an audio clip of Parker reading her 30 poems, and links to interviews, articles, an obituary, and other information. has a longish page of biography and links to texts of 100 of her poems.

Conrad Aiken, American poet (Pulitzer 1930), Aug. 5, 1899 - 1973

The Academy of American Poets offers a section on Aiken, with biography, bibliography, texts of five poems, and links to related sites. The Poetry Foundation also has a lengthy biography of Aiken and links to poems. Also: a description of Aiken's papers at Washington University; some biography and a suggested reading list from the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine fiction writer and essayist, Aug. 24, 1899 - June 14, 1986

The Borges Center at the University of Pittsburgh; biography, list of works, quotes, influences, and criticism are available through the Garden of the Forking Path; and an article (Feb. 2011) titled 'Jorge Luis Borges muses on his desert island book selections'. His story 'The Library of Babel' is online.

Salvatore Quasimodo, Italian poet/critic/translator and winner of Nobel Prize 1959, Aug. 20, 1901 - 1968

Biography and works list for Quasimodo (in English), provided by Finland's Kuusankoski Public Library; and the Official Quasimodo Page, in Italian, with biography.

Ray Bradbury, U.S. Science Fiction Writer, Aug. 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012

Bradbury was born Raymond Douglas Bradbury in Waukegan, Illinois and became known as one of the leading American writers of science-fiction novels and short stories. Ray Bradbury Online offers biography, bibliography (Books, Film/TV, Audio, and Critical Works), images, quotes, and features on the books The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. Paul Brians offers an excellent study guide for The Martian Chronicles. His June 2012 obituary ran in the New York Times.

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