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Featured Authors

William Shakespeare, 23 April 1564 - 23 April, 1616

A complete full-text listing of Shakespeare's plays is available through The Complete Works of Shakespeare on the Web, maintained by Jeremy Hylton, with indexes and search features. Highly recommended. The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC has Hamnet, their publicly available online catalog and lots of other online resources for studying Shakespeare, as well as teaching modules for some of the plays and sonnets. The Shakespeare Resource Center offers a brief overview of Shakespeare's works and an annotated list of web resources.

Gertrude Chandler Warner, creator of the Boxcar Children, 16 April 1890 - 30 Aug. 1979

Biographical information about Warner is available through the University of Southern Mississippi de Grummund Collection website.

Most children know Warner through her Boxcar Children stories, the adventures of orphaned children living in a railroad boxcar. Her first Boxcar Children book was published in 1924 and revised in 1942 to make it easier for children with limited reading vocabularies to read it. Besides writing 19 Boxcar Children books and 15 others for adults and children, Warner was also a school teacher for over 30 years and was active in the Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. She was born and died in Putnam, Connecticut.

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