Transportation and Construction in Children's Fiction

Things That Go Picture Books (Ferguson Online, Stamford Public Library, CT): Author, title, one-line description of about 45 books (mostly picture books) about cars, trucks, buses, and trains, listed by vehicle.

Away We Go: PreSchooler Transportation Books (Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA): 7-page PDF. Author and title (no summaries) for mostly picture books about automobiles (35 books); Buses (18 books), Emergency and Firefighting Vehicles, and Tractors (20 books), Trains (over 75 books), Trucks (55 books), and miscellaneous vehicles (over 20). Also a list of transportation videos.

Trains (Deschutes PL, OR): Board Books (a few), Picture Books (about 65), Easy Readers (a few), Bridging Fiction (a few), and Fiction (about 10 books), plus about 20 videos about trains. Author, title, webcat link, and summary for each, and cover image for many.

Railroad and Train Books for Kids (Lisa Hughes, Santa Clara County Library, CA): Author, title, summary, webcat link, and cover image for about 25 books about trains, including picture books and easy readers, plus videos, train facts, train museums, and related websites.

Books About Transportation (Northbrook Public Library, IL): Title and last name of author only, listed by mode of transport: Airplanes, bicycles, boats, buses, cars, trains, trucks, and books with some of everything.

Wheeling Along (Kansas City Public Library, KS): Author, title, and summary for 9 books about cars and trucks.

The Art of Construction (Voorheesville Public Library, NY): Author, title, and short description (for some) for 5 easy books and about 25 children's non-fiction books on construction, bridges, castles, buildings, carpentry, etc.