Children's Books in Series

Books in a Series (Monroe County Public Library, IN): Wonderful site for librarians, parents, teachers, and kids. Lists all the books for each series written by children's authors, arranged alphabetically by authors' names.

Juvenile Series and Sequels (Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, MO): Subject listing (also indexed by series title, book title, and author listing) for children's series books. About 110 subjects, from Adventure to Word/Picture Puzzles. Some subjects have only one series listed, while others have hundreds.

Children's Book Series (Montgomery County Public Libraries, MD): Lists about 30 children's book series, with javascript links to external websites about each. The list is available only in segments, organised alphabetically; with A-B on the first page, C-K on the next page, and L-Z on the last page. Series listed are: A to Z Mysteries; Adventures of the Baily School Kids; Akiko; Amazing Days of Abby Hayes; Amber Brown; Amelia Bedelia; American Girls; Arthur Chapter Books; Boxcar Children; Cam Jansen; Captain Underpants; Chet Gecko; Dear America; Dragon Slayers Academy; Girls of Many Lands; Harry Potter; Jigsaw Jones; Junie B. Jones; Keys to the Kingdom - Garth Nix; Lemony Snicket; Magic School Bus; Magic Tree House; Maximum Boy; Redwall; Remnants; Secrets of Droon; Spiderwick Chronicles; Time Warp Trio; and Zack Files.

Series Book Central: Offers unofficial pages (with book titles listed in order) on various children's series, including The Hardy Boys; Nancy Drew; Tom Swift; Tom Quest; Doc Savage; The Avenger; Brains Benton; Chip Hilton, Dana Girls; Don Sturdy; Horatio Alger; Judy Bolton; Ken Holt; Leo Edwards; Motor Boys; Movie Boys; Radio Boys; Rick Brant; Rover Boys; Ted Scott (flying); and X Bar X Boys (westerns).

Girls Series Books 1840-1991 : A Checklist (Children's Literature Research Collections, University of Minnesota Libraries, MN): Lists American fictional series books for girls, arranged alphabetically by series title with cross references to the main entry under alternate titles. Provides series name, author, publisher, and titles within series with publication dates. Not hyperlinked. Unfortunately, the whole list is on one large, slow-loading page.

Women's War: Patriotism in Girls' Fiction (Eleanor Mikucki, Annotated listing of World War II-era girls' series titles involving fictional nurses, who presented patriotic images for young girls. Section I includes the Ann Bartlett, Cherry Ames, Fighters for Freedom, and Gail Gardner series. Section II includes the Nancy Naylor, Nurse Blake, Penny Marsh, and Susan Merton series. Dec. 2001.

Girls Series Books (Booklovers Den): Information and links on various girls series, including Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Donna Parker, Penny Parish, Little House on the Prairie, American Girl collection, the Brownies, Ginnie and Geneva, and others.

Inspirational Fiction Series for Young People (The Logan Library - Utah): Arranged by age groups (7-9, 9-13), lists series name, author, description of series, and book titles in series in order.

Juvenile Historical Fiction Series and Sequels (Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, MO): About 100 series listed, with links to catalog card info for each.

Reading for Fans of Series (State Library of Tasmania): Lists only the title of the series, in these categories: Just Horsing Around; Scare Your Pants Off; Frightfully Fabulous Fantasies; Antics with Animals; Mind Blowing Mysteries; and Young Adult Series.

Historical Series Fiction (Kansas City Public Library, KS): Lists and describes 12 series, all about American history.

After You've Read the American Girls... (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh): Books about characters and times similar to each American Girl, listed by American Girl, with author, title, and webcat link. 8 books for Felicity; 2 for Josefina; 10 for Kirsten; 13 for Addy; 12 for Samantha; 11 for Kit; 7 for Molly; and 3 picture books.

American Girls Series (The Logan Library - Utah): List of titles arranged, oddly, by author. Also non-fiction AG books. Notes books available in Spanish.

Hank the Cowdog Books (The Logan Library - Utah): Lists the books (over 30) in order.