Children's Fiction: General Lists

Lists that cover many categories or don't fit into any other category.

Booklists of Children's Literature(Monroe County Public Library, IN): Specific booklists on these topics: Adventure Stories, Animal Stories, Bedtime Stories, Black Authors and Illustrators, Buildings and Houses, Career Resources, Chapter Books (2nd-3rd grade level), Disabilities, Family Stories, Fantasy Stories, Farming, Frontier and Pioneer Stories, Funny Fiction, Grandparents, High Interest/Low Reading Level, If You Can't Find Waldo, If You Liked Harry Potter, Making Math Fun, Multicultural Topics, Mysteries, New Babies, New Twists On Old Tales, Parent/Teacher Resources, Personal Narrative Novels, Picture Books for Older Readers, Pirate Stories, Predictable Books, Preschool Concepts, Realistic Fiction, Reluctant Readers, School Stories, Science Fiction Stories, Silly Stories, Snow and Winter Stories, Space Books, Sports Stories, Social Skills, Summer Stories, Travel Back Through Time, and World War II.

Booklists for Children (Boston Public Library): Book lists with author, title(s) and sometimes date of publication and/or brief synopsis provided for variety of themes and topics, including Picture Books About Trains; Books for Brand-New Readers; Books for Toddlers; Environmental Books for Children; Detectives: A Reading List for Children; Dragons: A Selected Bibliography for Children; Folktales Around The World; Sports Stories for Children; Good Books and Good Series for Older Boys; Good Books and Good Series for Younger Boys; Great Stories for Sports Fans; Craft Books for Children; If You Like Harry Potter; If You Like Goosebumps; If You Like Where's Waldo?; Is There Life After Easy Readers?; Mapping Boston: A Booklist for Children; Multicultural Picture Books for Children; Poetry Books for Children; Songs and Fingerplays for Toddlers; Stories You Just Can't Put Down; Talk to the Animals; Tearjerkers for Children: Read Them When You Need a Good Cry; Times Gone By: Historical Fiction for Children; etc.

Booklists (Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN) : Many book lists, most providing author and title only, some with summaries or webcat links. Topics include Alphabet Books; Johnny Appleseed; Artists in Fiction; Autumn; Bubbles; Butterflies; Chess; Cinderella Variants; Clay Illustrations; Counting Books; Creation Stories and Myths; Cumulative Tales; Cut Paper Illustrations; Day of the Dead; Dear America books; Dragon Illustrations; Elections; Fabric Art Illustrations; Fingerplay Resources; Fort Wayne and Indiana Histories; Gender: Non-Traditional Gender Roles; Genealogy for Kids; Gorillas; Harry Potter Read-Alikes; Holocaust; Homeschooling; Islam; Lemony Snicket Read-Alikes and Supplements; Middle East, Stories from and about; Military; Music Across the Curriculum; Mythology in Picture Books; Noah's Ark variants; Olympics; Patriotism; Potty Training; Rapunzel variants; Rebus Books; Recycling; Red Riding Hood Variants; Scary Stories; Spanish Words in English Language Children's Books; Spring; Take Your Child to Work; Three Little Pigs variants; Violence; Winter; Wordless and Nearly Wordless Books, and lists of award-winning books, among others.

Booklist Index: Children and Young Adults (Madison Public Library, WI): Lots of lists, in categories of Preschool, Elementary School/Middle School, Teens, All Ages, and Award Books. Lists include: Again and Again and Again!; All About Me: Books Promoting Personal Growth; All Creatures Great and Small; Backyards and Beyond; Batter Up One; Celebrate You!; Celebrating Differences; Families and Friends; Gone Fishin'; Just for Fun; Just Imagine...; Let's Play a Game; Let's Play!: Sports Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers; Morning, Noon and Night; On the Go: Preschool Books about Transportation; What a Concept; Adventure Titles; Children's Classics; Family Reading: Books to Enjoy with Children in Kindergarden to First Grade; Family Reading: Books to Enjoy with 6-8-Year-Olds; Favoreads Awards; Fiction Fest for Boys Age 9-12; Fractured Fairy Tales; High Interest/Lower Reading Level Books for Middle and High School; Join the Winner's Circle: Sports books for K-3rd Graders; Journeys; Multicultural Books for Children; Road Trip; Spine-Tingling Tales; What to Read While Harry's at Hogwarts; Books in Spanish for Children/Libros Y Mas Para Los Ninos; Books on Cassette for Children; Girls to Women: Books for Growing Feminists; Great Read Alouds for All Ages; Outer Space Books for children of all ages; Sibling Rivalry; Ticket to Tomorrow: Books About the Future.

Zuckerman's Barn Kids Lit: Really useful searchable database of books! Search by multiple content/literary element simultaneously. Search by setting, plot, character, content, technique, grade level, and genre. Within 'Setting,' for instance, you can narrow your search using any, all, or none of these delimiters: various historical eras (ancient to WWII), moods (quiet, happy, somber, frightening, spooky, sad), regions of the world, other settings (oceans, islands wilderness, rural, etc.), other areas (cities, schools, houses), imaginary settings, grade level, and difficulty/maturity level. Database of '4,500 highly recommended titles suitable for grades 1-9.'

Booktalks - Quick and Simple (Nancy J. Keane): Almost 1000 short plot outlines of books for K-12. Indexes by titles, authors, subjects, interest levels -- including adoption, alcoholism, animals, death, evolution, holidays, mysteries, music, slavery, etc. Also myriad reading lists within many varied subcategories under these primary groupings: Award Lists, Authors, Genres, Professional Reading, Readership-Targeted Lists, School Subjects, Specialty Lists, Themes, and Values .

The Logan Library Index to Children's Booklists (The Logan Library - Utah): Lots of booklists, in broad categories of award books, bibliotherapy (Books to help children cope with problems), Historical Fiction, Historical Info, Inspiration Series, Mysteries, Recommended Books for Dewey Subject Areas, Recommended Books for Grade Levels, Seasons of the Year, and other fiction and non-fiction lists.

Bibliography of Verse Novels for Children and Young Adults (Susan Taylor Brown): Author and title only for about 85 novels for children or teens that are written in verse form. From A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone to You Remind Me Of You by Eireann Corrigan.

Children's Books Reviewed by the New York Times Since 1997: Titles listed alphabetically by author, with links to reviews.

Subject Bibliographies (Children's Literature Web Guide): Lists of kids' books by topic: Books With Artistic Protagonists; Brave, Active and Resourceful Females in Picture Books; Cinderella Stories; Drum Stories; Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters; Favorite Teenage Angst Books; Fractured Fairy Tales; Gay Characters and Themes in Children's Books; Holocaust Literature; Jewish Religion and Culture in Children's Books; Latino People, History, and Culture; Medieval World; Books about Money Management; Multiracial Families in Children's Books; Native American Books; Native American Coming-of-Age Novels; Juvenile books by North Carolina Authors; Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children: an annotated bibliography for educators.

Recommended Reading Lists for Children (Stanly County Public Library, NC): Author, title, summary, in categories of: Black History: A Selection of Picture Books for Preschool through Grade 3; American Historical Fiction (in chronological order, for 4th grade and up); Animal Stories: Read Alikes for Charlotte's Web; Fantasy (mostly high fantasies-- involving noble quests, sorcery, epic battles between good and evil); Magical Adventure Stories; Intrepid Heroines (4th grade and up); Read Alikes for The Great Brain; Read Alikes for My Side of the Mountain.

Books for Children (Kidsource) : Sorted by age groups, include title, author, description, cost, year published.

Yakety-Yak: Books for the Whole Family (Wakefield Libraries, UK): 'Everyone -- from the pre-schoolers to the pre-teens -- will find something to enjoy in this selection. There are books with fabulous illustrations, books to make you howl with laughter, books to move you to tears .... All these books all have one thing in common -- they demand to be shared and talked about.' Author, title, short summary, and readers' comments for about 20 books, from picture books to junior fiction.

80 Books for the 21st-Century Girl (Women's National Book Association) : Provides author, title, a one-line description of the book, and ISBN number. There's fiction group by age, as well as non-fiction.

Bibliography: Children's Books Featuring Sign Language (Wendy E. Betts, Notes from the Windowsill): Cover images, author, title, publication info, suggested reading levels, detailed descriptions for about 25 books, for three reading levels (board books, picture books, books for older readers), about or using sign language. Updated Dec. 2005.

Recommended Books of Dewey Subject Area Assignments (The Logan Library - Utah): Lists books separately for each 3-digit Dewey number (000 - 900). Book arranged by Dewey number, provides author, title, # pages, and summary of book. Lists only books available at The Logan Library.