Fiction about Books and Academics

Children's Picture Books with Librarians and Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography (Matthew Z. Heintzelman, SLIS, Univ. of Iowa): Narrative introduction, followed by sections on librarians as facilitators; maternal librarians; fearsome librarians; librarians and control; spinster librarians; miscellaneous librarians; feline librarians; and non-fiction books. Author, title, publication info, long description for over 40 books.

Libraries (Louisville Free Public Library, KY): Author, title, summary for 14 picture books, 4 easy readers, 7 chapter books, and 9 books non-fiction books featuring libraries or librarians. Updated April 2005.

Children's Fiction About Libraries or Librarians (Images of Librarians in Popular Culture): Author, title, summary of 9 picture books, 2 easy readers, 1 book of short stories, and 1 chapter book featuring libraries/librarians.

Fiction for Grades 1-9: Reading (Zuckerman's Barn, MA): Author, title, summary for about 25 children's books about reading, from Amber on the Mountain by Tony Johnston to The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting.