Socio-Political Fiction

Fiction about politics, politicians, and social issues. See also Political Thrillers

Political Fiction I (Susan Philp, Fiction-L): Author and title listed for about 35 political novels, from 1988: A Novel of Politics by Richard Lamm to The Last Debate by Jim Lehrer. Compiled Aug. 1996. Followed by Political Fiction II, compiled in June 2000 by Stephanie Thomas, listing about 25 more novels, with publication years, from David Baldacci's Absolute Power to Stuart Woods' Run.

Political Fiction (Northbrook Public Library, IL) : Lists about 45 titles, with author and summaries, from Gary Aldrich & Mark Davis's Speak No Evil to Stuart Woods' The Run.

To the Polls (Johnson County Library, KS): Novels about 20th century American politics and politicians. Author, title, webcat link, summary, and notation for subgenres for about 55 books, from Primary Colors (by Anonymous) to John Welter's Night of the Avenging Blowfish.

Words to Live By: 25 political novels for summer reading (Mother Jones): Compiled 1998 by Arthur I. Blaustein. 'These 25 books offer an alternative to terminal consumerism and empty escapism. If read widely, they could do wonders for our social vision and moral sensibility by introducing us to fictional -- yet ordinary -- people who struggle to achieve genuine individuality and human connection.' Author, title, and summary.

Politics in Fiction (Memorial Hall Library, Andover MA): 2-page PDF. Author, title, pub. year, and summary for about a dozen fiction titles about politics. Updated Oct. 2004.

Strange Bedfellows: A Vote for Political Novels (St. Charles Public Library, IL): Author and title only for over 20 political novels, from Absolute Power by David Baldacci to The Run by Stuart Woods. Compiled Sept. 2000.

Arabic Political Fiction in English (Middle East and Islamic Studies Collection, Cornell University Library): Eleven books, in alpha order by author, with publication info and summaries.

Political Fiction (Berwyn Public Library, IL): Author and title only for about 45 novels about American politics or politicians, from Absolute Power by David Baldacci to Vanished by Fletcher Knebel.

Politics As Usual: Political Fiction (AART, Rolling Meadows Library, IL): Author, title, publication year, and page count for 14 novels, from Rob Allyn's Front Runner: A Novel of Texas Politics to Robert Mayer's I, JFK.

Women in Politics (Carole Elmore, Fiction-L): Compiled June 2004. Author, title, some annotation for books featuring women in politics. About 15 fiction titles and two non-fiction titles. From Jorge Amado's Pen, Sword, Camisole to Ellen Emerson White's President's Daughter series.

Politics and Social Issues (Auburn Hills Public Library, MI): Fictional stories that take a closer look at politics and social issues. Author and title only for about 150 novels, from Steve Amick's The Lake, the River and the Other Lake to Stuart Woods' Palindrome. Would be much more useful with notation about what political or social issue is the focus of the novel. Updated April 2006.