Multiple and General Fiction Lists


The Fiction_L List of Lists (Morton Grove Public Library, Morton Grove, IL): Lots of themed book lists, an eclectic selection including (but not limited to!) the following: Nuts and Bolts Novels, Mystery Authors with Little Old Lady Sleuths, Edible Fiction, Christian Fiction, Terry McMillan Read-Alikes, A Sense of Place, Latina Authors, Old Fashioned Reads--Books Your Parents and Grandparents Loved, Cool Reads For A Hot Summer Day, Fiction Set in Scandinavia, Apocalyptic Fiction, Two for the Telling: Fiction that Blends Two Voices and Two Times, Nonfiction that Reads Like Fiction, Bloomin' Books: Gardens, Gardeners, and Gardening in Fiction, Novels About Art, Artists and The Art World, Grade 7-9 Fiction for Math and Science, Subtle Ghost Stories, Scotland and Travel Reading, Modern Versions of Classics, Non-Fiction Titles Dealing with Life Crises, Fathers in Fiction, One Day Reads for the Beach, much more!

Bibliography Index (Evanston Public Library, IL): Provides booklists in these categories: African-American Studies, AIDS/HIV, Biography, Books, Business, Civil Rights, Cooking, Dinosaurs, Europe, Family, Fiction, Friendship, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Genealogy, History, Humor, Islamic Studies, Language, Large-Type, Latino-American Studies, Mind and Body (Health), Moving, Murder/Mystery, Music, Parents, Poetry, Politics, Sports and Games, Videos, Weddings, Womens Studies, and Young Adult. Nice lists, with detailed info, but many were compiled in 1993-1994.

Booklists for Adults (Boston Public Library): Book lists with author, title(s) and sometimes date of publication and/or brief synopsis provided for these broad themes: Arts; Biography; Black Is...; Business, Finance and Investing; Family, Home and Garden; General (Cross Categories); Health; Literature; Science. Some specific lists include By the Pen: Modern Arabic Fiction, Contemporary Fiction in Translation (by country of origin); Fiction on the Vietnam War; Journey to Romance: Period Romance Fiction; Murder Most Delicious: Culinary Mysteries; Single in the City, The New Celtic Revival, and many more, including those in the booklist archives. Also lots of non-fiction book lists.

Williamsburg Regional Library: Books and Reading (Williamsburg, VA): Sections include: Find a Good Book (personalized reading, eBook and audiobook suggestions); their book blog; Adult Reading Lists (lots of readalikes, lists include: Before the Mast: Historical Sailing Fiction; Civil War Fiction; The Court is in Session: Law and Lawyers in Fiction; Dark Fantasy; The Examined Life: Great Biographies; Gardens, Gardeners, and Gardening in Fiction; Medical Thrillers; etc.) and featured titles on a theme.

Reader's Advisory (Lynne M. Kennedy, Sachem Public Library, Holbrook, NY): Packed with titles. Sections on forthcoming titles, bestseller lists, Oprah's book club, book lovers' sites, and lots of fiction and non-fiction booklists (especially non-fiction). Fiction lists are organised by genre. Some non-fiction lists include True-Life Survival, History's Mysteries, Art for Grabs: True Stories of Theft, Smuggling, Vandalism and Looting, Wonderful Town: Books About New York City, Long Island History: Planes, Trains & Ships, Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution in Fact and Fiction, Death and Dying: Books About Life's Final Passage, Humanity Under Siege: Terrorism in Our Time, Touched by Angels, Korea: The Unsung War, Lethal Ladies: Women Who Kill, Like The Wind: America's Famous Race Horses, etc.

Good Reads - Fiction (Downers Grove PL, IL): Lots of lists, with author, title, page counts, publication year, summary and webcat link for most titles on each list. Categories of lists include Read-Alikes; Book Discussion Recommendations; CyberCrimes; A Baker's Dozen: Fiction from the Kitchen; Knit One, Purl Two; Family Ties: Novels about Family Relationships; Another Side of the Coin: Lincoln's Life in Fiction; Victorian Heroines; Braaaiiinnnsss: A Shambling Trip through Zombie Fiction; Zany Novels; I'd Rather Be Reading a Southern Mystery; Nordic and Scandinavian Mystery Series; Adrenaline Rushes; Halloween Love Stories; It's All in the Mind: Novels with a Psychological Twist; Western Landscapes: Stories from the Rocky Mountain States; etc. They also offer non-fiction booklists.

Wake County PL Reading Lists (Wake County, NC): Broad categories like If You Like, Inspirational, African-American, Mystery and Thrillers, Nonfiction, North Carolina Reading, Chick Lit, Classics, Romance, General Fiction, etc., and then many lists within these categories. Each booklists is usually a PDF with about 15 titles listed, with summaries.

Fiction Book Lists (Monroe County PL, IN): Range of topics, including Adoption; American Immigrants Stories; Books to Cuddle-Up With: Quilts, Quilters, and Quilting; Brrrrr! Fiction about Cold Places; Christian Holiday Fiction; Comfort Reading; Cult Classics; A Cyberpunk Reading List; Desperate Housewives; Domestic Violence; Erotic Fiction; Forgotten Favorites; Great Urban Fantasy; Green Fiction; I Never Saw That Coming!: Novels with Surprise Twists; Islands: Life Surrounded by Water; A Pirate's Life For Me; Post Apocalyptic Fiction; Read-a-Likes; SteamPunk; and lots of genre lists. The booklists themselves vary, from just title, author and webcat link to full summaries of each book.

Booklists (Hantsweb, Hampshire County Council, UK): Author, title, summary for a handful of books, often fiction, in a chosen topic each month. Topics have included First Rate Debut Fiction; SeaBritain Selection: Fiction; Tales of Afghanistan; The Help; What's in Your Suitcase?; The Arab World; Spanish Settins; Circus; etc.

Book Reviews by Genre (Skokie Public Library, IL): Called reviews, these are short, summary-ish comments, in genre categories. Also sorted by author and title of book. Skokie also offers lots of booklists.

New York Public Library Recommended Reading (New York Public Library): Hunt for books by Subject/Genre, Audience, and Language, or browse lists and webcat links on topics such as Adventures in Food Service; Faeries and Pixie Dust; Fiction of the Paranormal; Rockers, Punks, and Freaks; Teen Road Trip Fiction List, etc. Adult, teen and children's fiction and non-fiction.

Readers' Advisory Services (County of Los Angeles Public Library): Lists of authors who write in various genres, including Adventure, Espionage, Family Sagas, Fantasy, Gay and Lesbian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Inspirational Fiction, Literary Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, and Western Fiction. Lists authors only, no titles, summaries, etc.

What to Read (St. Charles Public Library, IL): Booklists are in left-hand column. Topics include Adventure / Westerns; Banned Books; For and About Men; Chick Lit; Wives and Mothers; Holidays / Seasons; If You Like ...; Location, Location, Location; Fictional Furry Friends; Teen Reads; Non-Fiction; etc. The Retired lists link opens to a bunch more booklists.

Book Lists (Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Fredericksburg, VA): Fiction and non-fiction booklists by topic and genres. Fiction lists include After Tolkien; Cyberpunk: Wired Weirdness in the Library; Otherworldly Love; By the Sea, On the Sea; Going Back to New Orleans; Jersey Girls (and Guys); Let it Ride: Casinos, Gambling, and Danger; At Elizabeth's Court; Geishas, Wives, and Concubines; Medieval Intrigue; Kings of the Dark Fantastic!; The Virus That Ate L.A.; Comically Delicious: Adventures in Cooking; Biblical Fiction; Cowboys Are My Weakness; Everybody's Got a Place in the Choir; A Friend in Need; Military Brats, Military Wives; Middle Eastern Thrillers; Desert Isles: Romance and Danger; etc. Author, title, cover image and summary for each book on the lists.

Bookbyte's Books Too Good To Put Down (Bookbyte): In categories like Books Young Adults Will Like, Murder Mysteries, Read-Alouds, Non-Fiction, and by genre. For adults and kids.


Off-beat, Eclectic, Quirky, Slightly Askew Fiction (Central Rappahannock Public Library, VA): 'Fiction ranging from Redneck Gothic to really dysfunctional families to just plain, well, different. If you like stories that are a teensy bit bent, these titles are for you.' Author, title, cover image and summary for about 60 books.

If you like The Sopranos: Life in the Mob (Winfield Public Library, IL): Author, title, summary, and webcat link for more than 6 fiction titles and 6 non-fiction titles about organized crime.

Fiction with Multiple Points of View (Nancy Alexander, Fiction-L): 'Books that use the Rashoman Effect -- the story is told by several characters, each from his own point of view.' Almost 45 novels listed. Compiled April 2001.

The Long and the Short of It (Winfield Public Library, IL): Author, title, summary, and webcat link for 7 long novels (400pp+) and 3 long biographies, and for 9 short novels (less than 200 pp).

Fiction on Selfishness (Fiction-L): Compiled Jan. 2002. About 40 works of fiction featuring selfish people or exploring the issue of selfishness, from Samuel Beckett's Molloy to Vincent Williams' Temples. Author and title only.

Psychological Fiction (Reader's Advice): 'Stories involving the infinite landscapes of the mind.' Author, title, and Amazon link for about 300 titles, from Charles Abbott's Island to Irvin Yalom's When Nietzsche Wept.

Zodiac Booklists (Boston Public Library): Separate booklists for each of the twelve zodiac signs, listing 10-12 books written by authors of the same sign. Author and title only. April 2001.

Who Is Reading What: Celebrity Reading Lists (Gardiner Public Library - Maine): Use the celebrity name index to find out what your favourite famous person has read and liked. Title and author listed for all, comments by the readers for some. From 1998 to 2007.