Library Booklists and Bibliographies

Welcome to Library Booklists! This website consists of four sections: original booklists on various topics, primarily but not entirely focused on themes, places, characters, and plots of crime novels; annotated lists of other booklists, primarily but not entirely focused on fiction, for adults, kids, and teens; a calendar of authors' birthdates, organised by month, with links; and some resources for reading groups (discussion questions, recommended books, how to start a group, etc.).

Most of these pages used to reside on the Waterboro Public Library website; when that website was reorganised in 2007 to make it more useful locally, these lists were omitted. As the creator and maintainer of the lists, my desire is that they continue to be accessible to librarians and readers worldwide who might find them helpful or interesting. So, here they are! I will also be adding new lists (and adding new citations to current lists) as time goes by. Please report any errors or additions to me.